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Our kennel - family. Professionally we take care of dogs since 1990. After moving from Baltic to Russia, kennel it was registered in Russia under the name "Flash". With education RKF and its introduction in FCI, the name of kennel became "IZ SVERKAJUSHEGO MIRA".
In our kennel some breeds.
Our first pet - an English cocker spaniel - Zhefri Tornfild, was brought from Riga. Then from Moscow to us there arrived a color girl - Hitchcock Ariana who in a consequence and became the ancestor of kennel in breed an English cocker spaniel.
Fleming on Gleyt Helton was brought to it to couple from Lithuania. They gave to all the descendants the magnificent head, balance, the flying movements.
Cultivation in kennel - linear. Much attention is paid to the contents and care of pets. A main objective in cultivation - receiving strong, healthy posterity, with good mentality and pleasant character. In our kennel all palette of colors of English cocker spaniels is presented.
Spitz at us live since 2004.
Breed attracted with both appearance and quality of character - always positive, playful, direct as children!
Producers were selected for blood, from good kennels. We work with rare colors: cream, cream sable, wolf, pati-colors.
Long ago we were attracted by one more remarkable breed - a continental toy spaniel - papillon.
Doggies with the smart big ears similar to wings of a butterfly, leave nobody indifferent.
Here and we didn't resist. In 2008 to us from the leading Moscow kennel there arrived a beautiful tricolour girl of this breed - Semicvetik Isabella Lambada who became the ancestor of the line of our papillon. Lada proved as a magnificent mother: in many cities of Russia there live her descendants having champion titles.

In a consequence, one more excellent girl was brought and in our kennel there were papillon also very elegant white and sable color.

Now the geography of accommodation of our puppies is very great - from Vladivostok to America. We are always open for cooperation and we will be glad to new friends!

Yours faithfully,
the judge RKF - Shilova Nina

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